An Introduction to Reiki Energy Healing

Emma (owner) is a Reiki Master, trained in both japan and New Zealand and has Masters level certification in both countries.

Introduction price for first time clients

Full Body / Chakra Balance 1 Hour ¥5,500     Usually  ¥6,800

One Specific Area/Injury 30-40 minutes ¥4,500  Usually ¥5,500

Introductory ACE Energy clearing Injury healing & Reiki combination Therapy

1 hr – 1.5 Hrs  ¥8,500     Usually    ¥12,500

This Method of healing is often very succesful at treating minor and major injuries and disease, depending on how open and willing the client is to work with me.

I do not claim to cure disease or injury.  I simply remove the trapped energy from your energy field and your body does the rest, the success of the treatment is up to you.

WORLDWIDE this healing method is priced from  ¥35,000

ABOUT Advanced Clearing Energetics

A.C.E. is a simple technique that removes the stressful events which cause a disease, allowing you to unearth the root cause of your physical or mental pain, returning your body to its natural energetic flow.

ACE gets to the core of stressful events effortlessly, allowing you to easily learn from the event, transform it, and remove the “stuck energy” from your body, sometimes in minutes. Once gone, your body then heals itself, something it’s always known how to do.

ACE was developed by  leading mind-body therapist Richard Fluke, author of ‘Why am I Sick’. Any injuries can be treated with this healing method, I also use Reiki to speed recovery once the traped energy ahs been removed.

Copies of WHY AM I SICK can be purchased from us in both English and Japanese languages.

Emma (owner) is  a certified ACE Energetics clearing Healer holding Level 2 certification.